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About company

Telegram Expert is a unique and one of its kind, created by the BLB.Team.

We have been leaders in the market for more than 5 years and Telegram Expert is not our only product, among them:

Sphere.chat is an encrypted messenger where our clients and partners can communicate, conduct transactions and not worry about blocking their accounts by social networks.
The BLB.Team forum is one of the best on the Internet, it contains simply a colossal amount useful information.
Telegram Soft 2.0 (Telegram Gods) – software for working with Telegram, is currently outdated and no longer supported or sold, but still works.

When we started the Telegram Expert project, we set ourselves an ambitious task – to make better software on the market for working in Telegram, and we succeeded!

Regular updates
Everything changes extremely fast in Telegram; a whole team of programmers regularly works on this messenger, constantly adding functionality and new algorithms. A program that works with Telegram should be updated as quickly as possible. Fast updates and correction of possible errors is one of the positive aspects of Telegram Expert; in a week we can release 5-10-20 updates, they come out almost in real time, and the developer and team of moderators always monitor groups in sphere.chat and respond to questions that have been raised.

Extensive functionality
Even the basic module of the program contains huge functionality and allows you to earn really good money, it has everything you need to work.
The basic module includes: Recorder , Sending, Invite, Account Panel, Number Checker, Username Checker and much more, all functionality is described on the main page of our website, and it is constantly expanding.

Free modules
Telegram Expert is a program that does not stop in its development, we release some modules for a fee, some have a free trial period, but there are also free modules. If you are the owner of a Telegram Expert key, you should know that the functional part of the program will be constantly expanding, and when we talk about free modules, we are not talking about simple modules, most often free modules are new ways to work with Telegram that provide its own profit. What is sold on the Internet for money, we give to our users for free!

Sphere.chat allows our users to communicate with each other, join special groups by interest, as well as ask questions to support service, send found errors in the program to a special bug group and much more.
User support through a personal encrypted messenger is an undoubted advantage of our team.

Place for work
We provide not only a messenger, we provide a whole platform for work, if you provide services and are ready to follow the rules of our community, you can start doing business on our site, special groups allow you to publish your ads, search for clients and publish posts.

Fraud protection
On our site, we react sharply to any evidence of fraud. The project administration helps resolve conflicts and provides support.
We value our users and believe that any business should be as transparent and honest as possible. By pursuing such a policy, we have managed to minimize any instance of fraud.

Affiliate program
We have a wonderful affiliate program, we pay up to 25% for an attracted user, and also regularly give our partners bonuses in the form of paid modules. The Telegram Expert affiliate program is one of the best and most profitable on the market.

Join us! Earn money! Do business!
Sincerely, BLB.Team

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Invite is an invitation to a group or channel. Creating a large group in Telegram is not an easy task. You need to monitor advertising and content; very often this is a rather long method to get the right audience; an invite is easier and cheaper. The “Invite” module will allow you to invite people to your group by username, id and phone number. The module has excellent functionality, good and understandable statistics. You can invite your audience to several groups at the same time. As a rule, ...

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Our software module allows users to monitor groups, channels, conversations and forward all messages containing certain keywords. This module has many uses, you can use it to search for potential clients or to automatically fill groups and channels in real time. To operate this module, it is advisable to use high-quality elite proxies.

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Converter Tdata

TDATA is a standard for Telegram Desktop accounts. Telegram Expert has the session+json format (one account = two files), this format was not chosen by chance, on average its size is a few kilobytes, while tdata accounts are megabytes. They are difficult to store when you have hundreds of thousands of accounts, but this format is used in clickers (programs that work specifically with the Telegram Desktop application, as a rule, clickers are very unstable and work for a long time, they also have ...

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Account booster

Our unique Account Booster module, developed by the Telegram Expert team, is designed to increase trust in your accounts by simulating real communication. It has become an integral part of the strategy of many successful users. Using the Account Booster module is a process that even a beginner can master. You select a group of accounts, add a database of dialogues, and the module takes care of all the rest of the work. You no longer need to spend hours simulating activity - the module does it fo...

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