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Telegram Expert is a multifunctional program for working with Telegram, which has a truly huge range of functions.

Today it is difficult to meet a person who promotes his projects or provides promotion services on Telegram and has not heard of us; moreover, he is probably a member of our community. If you`ve ever seen mass mailings, promotions, group invitations and other ways to get cheap and effective traffic, know that everyone does this with the help of Telegram Expert!

We, the BLB Team, provide our dear users with not only a program, but also open the way to an amazing world, a world where you will find a lot of interesting things for yourself, meet very interesting people, and get information that you cannot just find in Google.

Each of our users gets access to the encrypted messenger with an audience of more than 1,500 users and everyone has Telegram Expert installed on their computer!

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Here is just a small part of the capabilities that the Telegram Expert base module provides:

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Automatic registration

Register hundreds of Telegram accounts to create your own personal botnet. All popular SMS services are available in the basic module, many of them are our reliable partners, who regularly pamper our users with interesting promotions and discounts, solving all problems quickly and as a priority. Each of our SMS partners has their own personal group in and helps our users in real time.

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Audience gathering

You simply won’t find a better program for collecting an audience from Telegram. We have everything you need to collect, analyze and systematize your audience. Only we have an automatic neural network for determining gender, a convenient database, and the ability to collect only users from certain countries. With Telegram Expert it`s not just gathering an audience - it`s a whole new level!

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Bulk subscriptions

You need to subscribe to chats or channels, earn money
subscribers? All this is done without much effort in
Telegram Expert program!

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Mass invitations

You need to fill the chat with an audience - this is not a problem if you have Telegram Expert! Invite any users from channels or chats, even if the chat participants are hidden, with Telegram Expert - you can promote your chats and earn very good money from it.

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Mass mailings

In the base module you can bulk send
messages to chats or other users, by id,
username or phone number, it doesn`t matter
advanced functionality allows you to do
many things, including sending without notifications and
sending deferred messages and auto-repost
and many many others...

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Account Control Panel

It’s not enough just to create your own botnet, you also need to manage it competently, the account panel in the expert is the best on the market, like the other modules, the most functional, with a huge range of functions, it has everything you need and even more! Set an avatar, change names, change descriptions - it’s all done simply and conveniently, literally in two clicks of the mouse!

There is also a report generator, work with databases and much, much more; the functional list of the basic module is simply huge! And what’s more, all our users regularly receive new free modules, we are constantly expanding functionality and giving a lot just FREE!

And that`s not all...

All our users receive free, instant software updates, access to a huge database of information, videos, exclusive discounts and promotions.

And a bonus is technical support that will always be happy to help you. All this is possible thanks to our own secure messenger

Always receive up-to-date information and be “on the wave” with Telegram Expert!

What do say about us?

Hello everyone! I want to write a few words. I have used several services, and there are no doubts. that these guys made the best, most stable and convenient product. I've been using it for quite a long time and have never had any problems with it. I would also like to express my gratitude to the support, they answered me quickly and solved my problem. I can confidently recommend it! Thanks for your work and good luck in the future!

5 stars

After a long search and testing of different software, I settled on TG Expert, the software is being finalized and works stably. Bugs are fixed instantly! The support team works almost 24x7 (in my experience of working with support, they responded up to 15 minutes), very friendly, good community. The software runs on a database, which simplifies analysis and work with accounts, very nice design and well-thought-out navigation. No exorbitant prices for ackee! (if anyone buys) There are a lot of features and amenities ???? thanks to the team! I hope everything goes on like this!

5 stars

I have been using the software recently, the functionality is excellent, the technical support and community will always help with any problem. Very easy to use, I only work with invite and registering accounts is something. In addition to invite, the software can do almost everything that is necessary for promotion and advertising in telegrams. Administrators constantly post updates, the software becomes better and more convenient, and new functions appear. I'm happy with the software, I recommend it!

5 stars

soft is the bomb! Everything works, it would be stupid to even try to list the many functions and possibilities for use! The support is, without exaggeration, at the highest level, they will lead you like a stupid sheep by the hand, show you, give you advice, chew it out, I am simply delighted without exaggeration! Being an inexperienced person and far from forum life, at first I was very afraid that the community would spit on me for stupid questions, but in reality - everything is different! The community is healthy and pleasant, seasoned kalachs and gurus, even the actual developers of the project - without problems and happily answer even the most stupid newbies to stupid questions, which is once again very pleasing! In general, everyone involved in the creation would like to express their deep gratitude and respect for the work done - you are very powerful types! Thank you!

5 stars

Telegram Expert is amazing software that makes Telegram easier to use. The stability is high, the system works flawlessly. Technical support responds quickly and helps solve any problems. I'm happy with the purchase and use it joyfully. This resource is my third acquisition, and I hope it’s my last, since I haven’t seen anything better yet. An excellent tool for increasing the efficiency of interaction in Telegram. I recommend it to all users!

5 stars

Thank you for an excellent product, much better than its competitors, I think everyone understands who we are talking about, and the support group is more responsive and helps if difficulties arise, I switched to EXPERT and I don’t regret it, and I generally like the New Year’s Discount, thank you!!!

5 stars

We thank Telegram GODS for the mutually beneficial partnership! Excellent optimized software, a professional solution for marketing or any other work in Telegram. We have been cooperating with this developer for several years now; clients actively use it and are very satisfied with the quality and reliability. The functionality covers all needs and works flawlessly, so those who once chose Telegram GODS remain there. Well, in general, the positive registration statistics speak for themselves.

5 stars

The quality of the official software support is not inferior to the quality of the software itself - everything is very cool, I’m satisfied. I had certain problems, the admins responded quickly and helped me solve them. Thank you for your promptness and understanding, we can do business with you

5 stars

Telegram Expert is a real cannon, it works quickly, even on a weak remote server, it checks accounts at tremendous speed, it can separate the eternal spam block from the temporary one into different folders, and its killer feature is the Session Duplicator (it will protect your accounts from dirty sellers who like to sell accounts in several hands)

5 stars

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Prices for the base module

Choose the program language:


Access for 24 Hours

Educational materials


Program language:




Access for 30 Days

Educational materials

Access to customer chat

Free updates

Online support

120 $

Program language:



Access for 1 year

Account store

Educational materials

Free updates

Access to customer chat (3000+)

Online support

550 $

Program language:



Functions of the base module

Recorder (popular SMS services)

Account panel (more than 20 functions)

Creating chats and channels

Search for chats and channels on your account

Deleting dialogs

Mass unsubscribes

Search chats and channels

Gathering of participants

Collection from account

Collection of people who wrote to the chat

Collection from comments

Cheat views

Cheating views through a proxy

Checking links (checker username)

Determination of gender

Sending by username (GPT)

Sending by ID (GPT)

Sending via open conversations (GPT)

Autoposting to chats v1 (GPT)

Autoposting to chats v2 (GPT)

Autoresponder (GPT)

Text randomizer

Invite by username

Invite by ID

Removing the spablock

Collection by geo (Geoparsing)

Check phone numbers

Invite by phone numbers

Sending to phone numbers

Bulk subscriptions

Cheating reactions

Adding Administrators

Removing Administrators

Merging databases

Excluding databases

Totals calculator

Report generator

Cheating referrals in a bot

Neurocommenting (GPT)

Unlimited promotion valid
The GPT module can be connected free of charge for a complete and detailed review on any Internet resource

Prices for additional modules


Program language:


With the right approach, Telegram Expert pays for itself in 7 to 20 days from the date of purchase,
more than 10,000 people chose us for a reason!

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