Telegram Gods key replacement program -> Telegram Expert (release)

We always strive to support our valued users and offer you an unprecedented key replacement program for owners of the Telegram Expert Beta or Telegram Gods program.

All keys are replaced for FREE with the Telegram Expert Release program under the following conditions:

1. The "duplicator" and "invite through administrators" modules are connected for free.
2. Key validity period – lifetime

Additional conditions:

1. Keys purchased before 18.02.2022 must be accompanied by indisputable confirmation of you as the real owner of this key. The application for exchange must include evidence, receipts, screenshots of conversations, where and when you purchased this key. The administration reserves the right to refuse the exchange if it considers the evidence of key ownership insufficient for the exchange.

2. The exchange application must be submitted in accordance with the following requirements:

    2.1. The message must include the email address to which you will be attached as the owner.
    2.2. You must specify your username on
    2.3. If your key was purchased before 18.02.2022, do not forget to attach screenshots.
    2.4. The message must be sent to TamTam at this username:

3. Keys obtained through the replacement program are not subject to resale.
4. If you wish to purchase additional modules, you are entitled to a 50% discount on any additional module.
5. The exchange promotion is valid until 15.02.2024.

Contact Information:

Exchange requests should only be sent to TamTam and only to this username

Contact our moderators and administrators in the messenger using guest access, submit a request on the website, or send a message to [email protected]

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