Telegram Gods key replacement program -> Telegram Expert (release)

We always strive to support our valued users and offer you an unprecedented key replacement program for owners of the Telegram Expert Beta or Telegram Gods program.

All keys are replaced for FREE with the Telegram Expert Release program under the following conditions:

1. The “duplicator” and “invite through administrators” modules are connected for free.
2. Key validity period – lifetime

Additional conditions:

1. Keys purchased before 18.02.2022 must be accompanied by indisputable confirmation of you as the real owner of this key. The application for exchange must include evidence, receipts, screenshots of conversations, where and when you purchased this key. The administration reserves the right to refuse the exchange if it considers the evidence of key ownership insufficient for the exchange.

2. The exchange application must be submitted in accordance with the following requirements:

    2.1. The message must include the email address to which you will be attached as the owner.
    2.2. You must specify your username on
    2.3. If your key was purchased before 18.02.2022, do not forget to attach screenshots.
    2.4. The message must be sent to TamTam at this username:

3. Keys obtained through the replacement program are not subject to resale.
4. If you wish to purchase additional modules, you are entitled to a 50% discount on any additional module.
5. The exchange promotion is valid until 15.02.2024.

Contact Information:

Exchange requests should only be sent to TamTam and only to this username

Contact our moderators and administrators in the messenger using guest access, submit a request on the website, or send a message to [email protected]


Invite is an invitation to a group or channel. Creating a large group in Telegram is not an easy task. You need to monitor advertising and content; very often this is a rather long method to get the right audience; an invite is easier and cheaper. The “Invite” module will allow you to invite people to your group by username, id and phone number. The module has excellent functionality, good and understandable statistics. You can invite your audience to several groups at the same time.

As a rule, many projects have a network of their own Telegram groups, constantly adding new audiences there.

The module works multi-threaded; Telegram Expert is capable of working with more than 2,000 threads even on a not very powerful computer. Properly designed software architecture allows you to achieve truly excellent performance indicators.

Flexible module settings allow you to effectively fill your group with an audience, and the database will show information about the user you invited.

One of the undoubted advantages of Telegram Expert is the database, which is filled in real time, which means that if the work is interrupted in the middle (the computer turns off, traffic to the proxy runs out, etc.) you can always continue working, the program automatically assigns users statuses, you always see who you sent a message to or invited to the group.

Moreover, having created the database once, you can specify it in the module and then work on it. It is very comfortable! One of the conveniences is automatic removal of duplicates, merging databases, excluding databases, and a whole bunch of modules included in the basic license.

It is also worth mentioning the statistics; each module, including the inviter, produces excellent statistics on its work, quite understandable and detailed.

Based on operation statistics, you can generate a report (the “Report Generator” module) and it is also included in the basic license.

This all takes invite to Telegram Expert to a whole new level!

Sending messages

We understand that messaging is a critical aspect of your job, whether it’s marketing, communicating with clients, or managing groups. Our program gives you the ability to send messages to groups and users using a powerful tabular database, allowing you to work efficiently and reach your audience with maximum accuracy.

Telegram Expert provides you with a wide range of settings for sending messages. You can select your audience based on various parameters, such as gender, photo availability, premium user status, and much more. This means that you can create targeted campaigns that will be aimed specifically at your target audience.

Telegram Expert provides many methods for sending messages, including reposting, sending through private groups, voice messages, and even delayed sending. This allows you to choose the best way to deliver your message based on your goals and audience.

One of the key features of Telegram Expert is the ability to send messages not only by @username, but also by Telegram ID. This means you can deliver messages accurately and without an extra costs. You’ll always be one step ahead by being able to deliver messages to chats that others can’t.

Telegram Expert provides the ability to send messages to various types of chats, including private messages, public and private groups, and open dialogues. This means you can find new ways to engage with your audience and expand your reach.

We are constantly working to improve Telegram Expert and regularly add new modules and interesting sending methods. Our goal is to provide you with the most up-to-date tools for working effectively on Telegram.

Telegram Expert provides you with maximum opportunities to work effectively on Telegram. Whether your goals are customer acquisition, audience engagement, or community management, our platform will help you achieve better results. Expand your capabilities with Telegram Expert and reach new heights in your work.

Audience gathering

An audience is an essential component of any business. No matter what you sell, you need customers, you need an audience.

Telegram Expert has truly enormous functionality; it has everything you need – collecting chat participants, collecting chat writers, collecting users from comments, etc. And all these modules are included in the base module.

But this is not the main advantage; with Telegram Expert you will be able to work more efficiently, this is achieved through the introduction of advanced technologies and new work algorithms.

For example, Telegram Expert has a gender determination module based on a neural network, which determines with an accuracy of up to 80%, which means that you can target your audience.

Let’s say you own a group that targets a female audience. You have collected an audience and, using Telegram Expert, sorted it by gender, this means that in most cases a female audience will be invited to your group, this is more effective than using conventional programs that collect only @username.

BUT, that’s not all, TelegramExpert allows you to collect your audience in a convenient tabular format, which will contain not only gender, but also first name, last name, last online time, presence of a photo, presence of premium status, username , going to telegram, etc.

Tabular format – presented in the form of a convenient database, where you see all possible information about users, groups, channels. Working with a table in a database format does not require any special skills, everything is simple and clear.

Telegram Expert is the only program on the market that allows you to collect available information about Telegram users in such depth and detail.

Account booster

Our unique Account Booster module, developed by the Telegram Expert team, is designed to increase trust in your accounts by simulating real communication. It has become an integral part of the strategy of many successful users.

Using the Account Booster module is a process that even a beginner can master. You select a group of accounts, add a database of dialogues, and the module takes care of all the rest of the work. You no longer need to spend hours simulating activity – the module does it for you, and it does it reliably and efficiently.

One of the most significant aspects of the module is reducing the risk of account bans. “Warming up” accounts by simulating real communication with other accounts makes them more reliable. You can be sure that if used correctly, the number of bans will decrease and the limits will increase. Increasing limits is the path to greater profits.

Our Account Booster module is a powerful tool for increasing the credibility of your accounts and increasing the efficiency of your work. Whether you use Telegram for marketing, sales or personal communication, this module will help you achieve better results.

Increase your profits and level of trust with “Account Booster” from Telegram Expert!


A module for opening an additional session on an account. The module is very useful and simply irreplaceable in your work. Opening a second session allows you to protect yourself from unscrupulous account sellers, test parameters and pairs, and perform mass actions in several copies of the program on the same accounts simultaneously.

Let’s consider the standard situation

Let’s say we need to send messages from 1000 accounts, and we want the accounts to automatically respond if prospects reply to our sent message.

In this case, a duplicator will help us. We take 1000 accounts, open a second session and transfer these sessions to another copy of the Telegram Expert program.

In the first copy we launch sending, in the second copy we launch Autoresponder (this module is included in the basic modules, you do not need to buy it separately). That’s all. One copy sends a message, the other copy responds to new messages.

Protection from unscrupulous sellers

Suppose you buy accounts on the Internet and are not sure whether the seller sells accounts only to you, because accounts are just files, they can be sold several times to different people, this is a common occurrence, especially in messengers such as Telegram or TamTam.

The duplicator allows you to protect yourself and your accounts; all you need to do is create a second session and close the purchased session. And the Seller will no longer have access to the accounts, they will only be yours.

Many Telegram professionals have a Duplicator in their arsenal.

Channel Cloner

Do you want to fill your Telegram channel with a minimum of effort? Then you need a Channel Cloner. The module is very effective for filling channels with interesting information; in a matter of minutes you can fill a channel by cloning. It is used masse if you need to increase your network of channels and attract an audience.

Examples of the work of this module can be seen everywhere in Telegram. You have probably seen channels where posts are published with a certain frequency and very often you can see how similar information is on other channels, while keywords and links change.

The settings for this module are extremely simple; you select the channel to clone, your channel and account to send messages. Everything is quite simple, our channel cloner allows you to copy even protected content.

Fill your channels with dozens or even hundreds of posts easily and simply with the channel cloner from Telegram Expert!

Chat cloner

Chat cloning is used to increase activity in a group. Suppose you need to create a chat for 10,000 participants, you have collected an audience from other groups using Telegram Expert, and filtered it correctly. You understand – these are your potential buyers and consumers of your product. You have a goal – to create a group with 10,000 participants, possibly more, therefore you need to use Inviter (included in the basic Telegram Expert module).

An inviter can invite and fill the group, but Telegram will react very sharply to this, most likely your group will fall under restrictions, and you will not be able to invite more than 250-300 people a day at a time, BUT if there is activity in the group, then there are limits on invitations there will be more because this Telegram group will be trusted.

Chat Cloner solves this problem!
With a chat cloner, you can easily clone other groups, create fake activity and make the chat live. Using this module, people bypass telegram limits and restrictions by cloning their competitors’ chats, replacing links and making a profit!

Our chat cloner has great functionality, including copying protected content, replacing words, copying member profiles and much more!

Converter Tdata

TDATA is a standard for Telegram Desktop accounts.

Telegram Expert has the session+json format (one account = two files), this format was not chosen by chance, on average its size is a few kilobytes, while tdata accounts are megabytes. They are difficult to store when you have hundreds of thousands of accounts, but this format is used in clickers (programs that work specifically with the Telegram Desktop application, as a rule, clickers are very unstable and work for a long time, they also have a lot of related problems), this format is also used in companies, when, for example, there are 20-30 employees and everyone is promoting in Telegram.

The tdata converter allows you to quickly change the account format from session+json to the Telegram Desktop standard. With this, you can convert thousands of accounts in seconds.

It is also worth noting that in the basic module you can create a tdata account without buying a converter, you can receive an authorization code in the accounts panel, and you can easily open a session+json account in Telegram Desktop.

If you need to massively change the format of accounts, then the tdata converter is exactly the tool you need.


A unique module that works on the principle of message proxying. The principle is extremely simple, after you have sent messages from accounts, you launch the forwarder and indicate the group where your sales managers are located.

Proxy accounts forward messages to a group and when they see that someone in the group has responded to a message, the proxy account forwards the response to your prospect. This allows you to communicate with a large number of people without logging into your account.

To the end user, it appears as if the original sender of the message is responding.

– No need to log into each account via Telegram Desktop
– Unlimited number of respondents in the group

– There is a function to forward old messages
– All answers from your sales managers are visible and controlled

For work, you need high-quality elite ipv4 proxies with minimal connection interruptions.